Review : Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza offers a custom-built fast fired pizza. Blaze is a chain but we visited the location in Gainesville, Florida. All pizza's are a 10" thin crust personal pizza. Fired in 180 seconds. They offer several options of crust, sauce, cheese and other tasty toppings. It is kind of a mash-up between bistro style pizza … Continue reading Review : Blaze Pizza

Chicken Taco Pizza

Ingredients Pizza crust  Cornmeal Pizza Sauce -- Instructions for pizza sauce are at the top Salsa Chicken taco filling Shredded Mexican blend cheese tomatoes -- diced green onions -- sliced black olives -- sliced lettuce -- shredded Form pizza crust. I find rolling the ball of dough in cornmeal and dusting the pan with cornmeal … Continue reading Chicken Taco Pizza

Review: Pazza Bistro

Updated 7/24/2015 -- Closed Pazza Bistro may be one of my favorite places in Gainesville. It is a very simple concept: fresh food at a good price. I like that the sauces and many of the pastas are made in house.  They serve pasta, pizza, flatbread and salads.  Every entrée comes with either a salad … Continue reading Review: Pazza Bistro

Day 26: Close-Up

I made grilled pizza one night last week. Thought it would make a good close-up shot. Three Little Pigs Pizza Pizza crust Sauce About 1/2 cup sausage cooked. 5 slices bacon cooked and chopped About 1/2 cup ham chopped Mozzarella cheese -  enough for 2 layers 1-2 green peppers -- sauteed 3-4 mushrooms -- sauteed … Continue reading Day 26: Close-Up