BlazePizza1.jpgBlaze Pizza offers a custom-built fast fired pizza. Blaze is a chain but we visited the location in Gainesville, Florida. All pizza’s are a 10″ thin crust personal pizza. Fired in 180 seconds. They offer several options of crust, sauce, cheese and other tasty toppings. It is kind of a mash-up between bistro style pizza and a certain well-known sandwich chain, only with quality, fresh ingredients.  They are able to accommodate just about any dietary need.


Food: Outstanding. I prefer thin crust pizza cooked in either a wood or brick oven, so this is a dream place for me. 

Selection: Almost unlimited. They offer 9 signature pizzas and an infinite number of custom creations. They have 7 different cheeses and a wide range of other toppings. All of the usual toppings plus some gourmet toppings as well. Oh did I mention they have an awesome selection of cheese. It might not be good to get all of the cheeses on a cheese pizza next time though. It was a rather amazing pile of cheesy goodness.

Service: Fast, super helpful.

Atmosphere: One of those minimalist trendy kind of places. I like it even though it can get loud.

Allergy Rating: Awesome. The staff is well-trained. Do allow a little extra time. If you have an allergy go ahead and ask for a manager each time so someone will walk your pizza down the line. Otherwise it might get tricky.

Overall: Awesome!

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