How do I know if my students are using ADHD as an excuse?

One of the questions I was asked during my presentation Learning Disabilities and ADHD: An Insider's Perspective was how do you tell if a student really has ADHD. I was also asked about the clinical definition of ADHD. Personally, I have never been one for labels or official diagnosis. Instead I tried to find ways … Continue reading How do I know if my students are using ADHD as an excuse?


Dear ADHD, I really dislike hate you. You are disruptive and demanding.   It is as if you believe that defines and controls me. I am tired of the constant struggle to maintain balance and focus. I'm tired of struggling to keep of with simple task like the laundry and dishes. I'm tired of the never-ending … Continue reading Dear ADHD

Hidden Disabilities

What is the most common “disability” found in children? According to the Florida Department of Education 43% off students with disabilities have a learning disability. What is a learning disability or learning difference? It is a neurological problem that interferes with or hinders learning. Dyslexia and related Dys are the most common learning disabilities. What … Continue reading Hidden Disabilities

Oct: Learning Disability Awareness Month

I originally wrote this for another education site. I have adapted it for TDZ. The month of October is Disability Awareness Month. The archives already have several articles pertaining to learning disabilities. Here is a quick overview of some of the resources available on Homeschool Benefits. ADHD(Yes, I know it is not a learning disability … Continue reading Oct: Learning Disability Awareness Month