What is the most common “disability” found in children?
According to the Florida Department of Education 43% off students with disabilities have a learning disability.

What is a learning disability or learning difference?
It is a neurological problem that interferes with or hinders learning. Dyslexia and related Dys are the most common learning disabilities.

What causes learning disabilities?
Most learning disabilities are neurological in nature. However it is difficult to determine the exact cause of a disability.

T or F People with learning disabilities are slower or not as smart as other people.
– By definition someone with a learning disability must have an average or higher IQ with gap between intelligence and performance. Many especially those with dyslexia are actually very  bright.

T or F Most people with learning disabilities are really just lazy and could learn if they tried.
– Some people with learning disabilities maybe be lazy but so are some “normal” people.  The key is to find out how you, your child or an individual with learning disability learns best.

T or F ADHD is the most common learning disability.
– ADHD is a medical condition where the brain does not process sugar properly. It is not  a disability. Like diabetes, asthma or other medical conditions uncontrolled it can be debilitating.

Isn’t Dyslexia just reading things backwards?

Not exactly, it is a processing problem that can affect both written and spoken language.

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