Dear Elected Officials, Candidates, and Other Political Types:

I’m sick of both political parties and fear mongers.  It is time to to move past political party lines and address the real issues.  I vote issues and for candidates not along party lines. I have a brain, therefore I do not require a political party to tell me how to vote.

News flash!!! There are many pressing issues like health care that our country must address. Health care is an example of where I think both sides miss it. One side has forced a health care system without a real way to pay for it and too many unanswered questions. The other side has offered no real solution either. Yet is an issue where something must be done. Instead of sticking to polarizing and out date political party lines it is time to move on, grow up and get a brain.

I’m tired of politicians who have forgotten for whom they really work.  It seems many  officials get elected and forget their constituents.  It is also time for term limits on most elected positions. I believe elected officials be given one term to prove they deserve a second term. BTW, I rarely vote for the incumbent.

I’m really fed up with all of the political rhetoric and ads.  I want the facts and just the facts. Maybe that won’t make a flashy ad or present a favorable image. I don’t vote for candidates because they are cool, hip or trendy. I vote for the best qualified candidate.

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