Open Letter to Politicians

Dear Elected Officials, Candidates, and Other Political Types: I'm sick of both political parties and fear mongers.  It is time to to move past political party lines and address the real issues.  I vote issues and for candidates not along party lines. I have a brain, therefore I do not require a political party to … Continue reading Open Letter to Politicians

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

This week's topic is everyday life. This week's challenge is to find a picture that exemplifies my everyday life.  I took this photo one day when I was just playing with my camera.  I don't always have flowers on the table. Looks like the table hadn't been straightened after a meal. We do use cloth … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

My Favorite Teams

My favorite professional teams are the Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars. I've been a Texas Rangers fan for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Tarrant county they were the team to watch. Also, my Granddaddy liked the Rangers. Guess I discovered the Mavericks in middles school. Guess I became a … Continue reading My Favorite Teams

Favorite Old TV Shows

My top three would be MacGyver, Red Green Show and Monk. MacGyver was a fun action show. Mac could solve any problem with a piece of gum and string. I liked how he had creative solutions to get out of messes. The way Mike, from Burn Notice, solves problems is reminiscent of MacGyver. Red Green … Continue reading Favorite Old TV Shows