One question I’m frequently asked about ADHD is do I support the use or do I think ADHD meds are necessary.  Personally I don’t use meds to control ADHD.  I have found other ways to manage/control ADHD.

For some people meds can be a vital part of management plan. Meds can make it easier to focus, stay on task or otherwise control ADHD. However meds do not cure ADHD. Meds alone will only mask the symptoms of ADHD. They are not able to teach time management, social skills, task analysis and other soft skills needed to manage ADHD. I think many people turn to a pill because it is the easy way or appears to be the easier approach.

Personally, I think managing ADHD requires finding the right balance for you. It may involve meds but it will also include other things like diet, exercise, routines and a support system.  So back to the original question of my opinion of ADHD meds. They can be helpful as a part of a management plan. I don’t think it is wise to depend on meds alone.


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