When I saw this prompt, I thought about how I have always been a doodler. I used to draw on every piece of paper I could find in school. Most of the drawings I did were mindless and often repetitive doodles that helped me focus my mind. I am extremely ADHD and just the thought of having to sit still for extended periods of time like class or even the sermon part of church was just excoriating. If I am forced to sit still and make constant eye contact with someone or something that task alone requires so much energy and concentration that I probably haven’t absorb anything.¬† One coping mechanism I use is to doodle. If my hands are moving then my brain can focus. This was before mind mapping, journaling and other visual note taking systems were in vogue. Anyway today’s drawing is inspired by those mindless doodles.

Inktober promt 2 is mindless. Colorful ink drawing using the word mindless.

I used colored markers for this doodle. I liked the effect of the rings from the sketch book so I didn’t crop them out. It reminds of similar drawings I used to do in my school notebook.

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