Princess Maddie after her day at the spa. She is sporting a colorful new bandana.Hi it’s me Maddie Mae again.  Boy did I have a busy Friday. I got to go on 3 car rides. They still won’t let me drive. I don’t understand why.  Well anyway back to my day.

So first The Big Guy and I went out to pick up breakfast for everyone.  I like that better than when they go out for breakfast and leave me home. Of course the best is when Dee makes breakfast because I usually get eggs and bacon or maybe sausage. Oh and sometimes ham. I like ham.

Then Dee took me to the spa. I got my hair cut. They even gave me a cool new bandana. I like bandanas. Oh, Dee took my favorite blue vest and left my 2nd favorite one. She said something about it was dirty because I wouldn’t let them change it for a few days. I don’t think it was dirty. I like my vest.  Oh back to my day.

Then Dee picked me up and we ran some errands. First we went to the white bag store (drug store). They gave me a dog treat, Dee just got a white bag. Then we went to the big window store (bank). They didn’t give me a treat. I even hid my other treat. Dee said it would be okay because she got me more treats from the meat store. I love their treats the best.

If that wasn’t enough I had company visit. The Big Guy said they came to see Dee and for dinner but I know they really came to see me. Dinner was yummy I had chicken with pumpkin. It was yummy! I love chicken and pumpkin. Oh and because we had company we got dessert. I got a puppachino (bowl with a little whipped cream). It was yummy.

The only bad parts of my day were when the evil robot vacuum cleaner got loose. They need to put that thing on a leash. It was also bad when Dee said my post couldn’t be posted right away. It had to go in the  que because she had already written posts. Something about this blog is The Dee Zone and I’m just a guest blogger. I think we should change it to the Maddie Zone. Doesn’t Dee know I am a princess.

Well until next time  … Peace Out,

Princess Maddie Mae Licks-A-Lot

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