Sky Watch: Bat House at Lake Alice


I took these in July at  bat house near Lake Alice on the University of Florida Campus.  I wanted to include to a shot of the bat house. On an earlier post about the bat house I had one commenter questioned whether my pictures really were bats. He wanted to know how I knew they were bats.  Well notice the bat picture on the bat house. Unfortunately, last month the bat house collapsed leaving thousands of bats homeless.

The little gray/black lines in the top right hand side are bats.


Bat House
Bat House
Alligator swimming in Lake Alice.
Alligator swimming in Lake Alice.

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Gator Blood

AlligatorsResearchers in Louisiana became intrigued that alligators live in swamps, often get cuts or other injuries but rarely die from infections. The researchers studied alligator blood. They discovered that alligator blood can destroy 23 different strains of bacteria including strains that are resistant to antibiotics. Researchers hope that this discovery may lead to new drugs that might even be useful in treating HIV/AIDS.

One interesting note is that one of the researchers involved is from Louisiana State University (LSU). Maybe he has learned that Gators are superior. Go Gators!!!

Article source: National Geographic News

A is for Alligator

This is my first attempt at ABC Wednesday. Not sure if I will actually get in the official listing, but I have decided to go ahead and post it any way.

The mascot for the University of Florida is the alligator. Took all of these pictures on UF campus.

This alligator statue is located in front of the University Auditorium.

Albert and Alberta Alligator are the official mascots for the UF Gators. We used this for our Christmas pictures one year.

Lake Alice is located on the UF campus, like most bodies of water in Florida it is home to real alligators. In the student agricultural gardens across the street from the Lake features a bat house. Every night at sunset the bats come out of the house and put on a show.

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My New Toy

Warning: Contains a lot of photographs!

My camera stopped working on our Ormond Beach trip. Today we found a good deal on a new one. So this afternoon we went to the University of Florida for a walk and to play with the camera. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to walk very long before it started raining.


Isn’t he cute. Whenever I talk on the phone The Big Guy always waves at the person to whom I’m talking. So, now he is waving at the people to whom I’m writing.

Keene-Flint Hall

Outside Keene-Flint Hall which houses the History department. The Big Guy spends a lot of time here.

Mural on a building at UF

This mural is on a building next to Keene-Flint. I think it might be the Chemistry building.

University of Florida

One of the building near the history building not sure which one.

University of Florida

Newly remodeled Library West

Squirrels playing

The Big Guy likes squirrels, at his request I took this picture of squirrels playing on a tree. The other squirrel ran off just as I shot the picture.

Squirrels playing

Check out the graffiti in the far lower right corner.

This is above the door of a building near the University Auditorium. Thought it looked cool.

Gator statue on the UF campus

Gator statue near the University Auditorium

The Big Guy

The Big Guy.

University of Florida

Spanish Moss hanging from the trees.

Caught in the rain.

We made it to the car just as it was starting to rain. By the time we got home it was really raining.

Spring Break Day 1

Today we picked the kids (AKA Kat & Chief) at the airport & drove back home. We really didn’t do much today except hang out at the house. After dinner I took the kids to UF to watch the bats come out by Lake Alice. Took some pictures while waiting on the bats to come out.

Ready for fun in Florida.
Tree with Spanish Moss
Taken at Lake Alice
Yes, there really are alligators in Lake Alice.
That log is really an alligator.
I got a picture of the bats.