Today we picked the kids (AKA Kat & Chief) at the airport & drove back home. We really didn’t do much today except hang out at the house. After dinner I took the kids to UF to watch the bats come out by Lake Alice. Took some pictures while waiting on the bats to come out.

Ready for fun in Florida.
Tree with Spanish Moss
Taken at Lake Alice
Yes, there really are alligators in Lake Alice.
That log is really an alligator.
I got a picture of the bats.

5 thoughts on “Spring Break Day 1

  1. I love that picture taken at Alice Lake.

    We lived on a lake in Florida, and there were definitely gators there. For years we coexisted nicely. Then one day, a gator starting coming on land and eating the little dogs in the neighborhood. At that point the state moved in to trap them and relocate them.


  2. Nate: I really liked the last one.

    Polly: They really have grown up.

    Janet: I told them.

    ENM: Wow. I have heard about alligators eating dogs. They have signs around Lake Alice saying to stay on the paths & not bring dogs near the lake.


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