This is my first attempt at ABC Wednesday. Not sure if I will actually get in the official listing, but I have decided to go ahead and post it any way.

The mascot for the University of Florida is the alligator. Took all of these pictures on UF campus.

This alligator statue is located in front of the University Auditorium.

Albert and Alberta Alligator are the official mascots for the UF Gators. We used this for our Christmas pictures one year.

Lake Alice is located on the UF campus, like most bodies of water in Florida it is home to real alligators. In the student agricultural gardens across the street from the Lake features a bat house. Every night at sunset the bats come out of the house and put on a show.

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16 thoughts on “A is for Alligator

  1. This is great Dee! Great photo of you and hubby! That last alligator shot kind of creeps me out….
    have a great week…


  2. Liz,

    Yes real alligators. One my friends son accidentally fell into Lake Alice when he was about 2. Fortunately, his dad was next to him & grabbed him almost immediately. There are paths on campus that warn not to use or not to use after dark because of alligators. Check back for my posting on Aug 1.


    Up close the first one doesn’t look real.


  3. Nice photos. I guess that since I’m living in Tallahassee I shouldn’t hold the UF connection against you. 🙂

    Further complicates matters that I’m a Mississippi State U. alum (Go Dawgs!).


    [Anyway, I found your blog via Dr. James Galyon’s “2 Worlds Collide” blog.]


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