Ok, the spammers are at it again. Today I recieved the following from a spammer:


I am the webmaster of [website deleted]

I was reading your blog and I see you have a very impressive way of describing things. The information you provide is very helpful. So I was wondering if you could take a look at our product [deleted] and write a review about and post it in your blog.

I would really be interested to know if you would be able to post the review in your blog with links to our site.


[Name & Email deleted]

I write reviews about things I find interesting usually books, movies or music.  At this time I have decided not to endorse, promote or review most products, so don’t ask me to write a review of your product.

Oh, I checked out the spammers site. Their product looks like a rip-off to me. So don’t waste your money on spammers products.

10 thoughts on “About Reviews

  1. Sandy,

    I delete them. Although a couple of them have been fodder for blogs and I find that my About Comments page is getting longer.

    Hey, the spammer asked me to review their product so I did. The product was some sort of miracle glasses that would replace the need for prescription lenses forever.


  2. LOL – sounds like you should do as they ask, and review their product. Just don’t give them any links, but blast them for trying to scam people. That’s what I would do.

    The last time someone asked me to review their product, they offered to pay me for reviewing a cash advance service. Strangely, they asked me to do that even after having read an old entry wherein I exposed payday cash advance companies for being a predatory industry aimed at defrauding the working class socioeconomically disadvantaged. I pointed that old entry out to them, and they said they don’t care if I blast the industry, as long as I don’t blast them. Well, I looked at their page, and they were even worse than most, charging near 1000% interest on payday loans. Argh.

    I wish I had written an entry on them in particular. I still regret not having done so, but I can’t remember the exact name of the company and I didn’t save their email. 😦


  3. That sounds like a good advice. I’ll remember next time. I did write a one sentence review though.

    I think the only product I’ve written was my tribute to Dr. Pepper. Of course that is a review but my beverage of choice.


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