id10t.jpgThe saga with this kid just keeps getting better. Found a phone conversation with kid’s mother on YouTube. It seems the mom isn’t much brighter than her moron offspring. It seems that the thinks the word interview and fight sound or mean the same. I give the Moron’s mother a runner up ID10T award.

You can listen to the conversation here. I’m not posting the conversation because of her language.

2 thoughts on “Another ID10T Award Winner — UPDATED!!

  1. Well, the last thing I read on McPherson’s blog was seemed to indicate that 3 different people were involved. The guy who stole it and was unnamed. The kid posted on the internet & the kid who bought the stuff both named Joe. It seems they posted the wrong guy’s info. However both moms called McPherson in a 3 way call, so they obviously know each other. I bet neither one is totally innocent.


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