In Response to Hate Mail

A recent visitor to this blog began leaving nasty comments simply because he did not agree with my opinions. I first encountered him on another blog but for some unexplainable reason he came here. He has been banned but keeps attempting to leave comments on my blog.  Below is his most recent comment. I am … Continue reading In Response to Hate Mail

What Happens When Those in Charge Lack Common Sense

Gainesville, Florida is a college town with a very liberal city government that seems more concerned about being trendy, cutting edge, eco-friendly and/or politically correct than exercising common sense. Some of the things they done or tried to do in the past defy reason. Once they developed a plan to control traffic on very busy … Continue reading What Happens When Those in Charge Lack Common Sense

Don’t Take This Personally

Recently, I had a conversation with someone that began with "don't take this personally" and was followed by a very judgmental blanket statement. Of course, I was offended my character was being attacked. When I became upset the person said now I told you it was not personal. This person did not even understand why … Continue reading Don’t Take This Personally

Stupid Spammer and Other Wackos

Stupid Spammer Usually I just delete spam but this one looked like I could have some fun with it. The spammer Jessy had left it as a comment on my Tribute To Tejas. My best team o f MLB is The Texas Rangers. This why I always fallow their games especially whenever I have some … Continue reading Stupid Spammer and Other Wackos

A Day in The Life of Meme …

I was tagged by Rebecca. This one didn't really have any rules. I guess it is supposed to be my typical day but I've selected this past Thursday. 5:00 Am -- Wake up and take a shower. Get dressed. 5:50 AM -- Drive to the local airport. 6:10 AM -- Arrive at the airport. Check … Continue reading A Day in The Life of Meme …