A recent visitor to this blog began leaving nasty comments simply because he did not agree with my opinions. I first encountered him on another blog but for some unexplainable reason he came here. He has been banned but keeps attempting to leave comments on my blog.  Below is his most recent comment. I am re-posting it because I would like to address some of his remarks.

Learn to spell and aslo learn to properly compose a photograph. Your horizons are in the totally wrong location in the frame. Why don’t you study some Ansel Adams first?

You must really think you are “purdy” special by attaching your name to those shots. Do you really think someone is going to copy them?

You’re a pathetic joke. Even Jesus thinks you’re a jerk.

He does have a valid point about my spelling. I have dyslexia and dysgraphia so I know that spelling is a weakness. That is why I first compose most of my work in Word.  In the About Me section and other posts I have been very open about my learning disabilities.  This person claims to be a retired teacher. My guess he was very similar to the teachers I had that made me hate writing because they failed to understand my learning disabilities. They focused on what I could not do rather than helping me overcome my challenges. I did find it interesting that this person attacks my spelling skills but ignores his own grammatical errors and often resort to name-calling (See words in red).

My artwork is a hobby. It has always been something I do for fun. Currently, I enjoy digital photography. While the quality of my photography may not equal Ansel Adams that is okay with me.  I add my name to my photos just because I want and not because I think anyone will copy them. Oh, one last word about the picture in question.  Yes, I know the horizon is in the lower 1/3 of the picture. It was my Sky Watch Friday entry. Hmm … the whole point is the sky. I found several of Adams images on line and noticed that the horizon is in many different locations throughout is work. Adams was an amazing photographer.

Finally, I would like to address the personal attacks from this person. He claims to be over the age of 60, college educated and a retired teacher.  However, he continually resorts to the tactics of a playground bully such as name-calling. Rarely is he able to offer legitimate criticism without name calling. He is the one who keeps coming back here and leaving comments.  Sort of makes you think which party is the joke or is pathetic. In many ways I feel sorry for someone who is apparently so marginalized in real life that he must resort to attacking strangers just to feel better.

I really doubt Jesus thinks I am a jerk. In fact the scripture is very clear that:

To my “fan” please get some help. You obviously are very lonely and in need of a friend. It is much easier to make friends if you treat others with respect and common courtesy.  For some unexplainable reason you have chosen to repeatedly visit my blog, if my work is so bad stopping coming back.

17 thoughts on “In Response to Hate Mail

  1. Dee:
    I’m sorry you’re having to put up with this character.

    Hey “Bud”:
    Leave the gal alone. If you wanna tangle, head over to my “place.” I’ll be your Huckleberry.


  2. Eh, don’t worry about him. He is a troll that obviously is trying to get a rise out of you. Such people are to be pitied as they have no life, friends, or family to find comfort in.

    And I happen to like your pictures. Unless you were taking them for a class project or going to sell them I wouldn’t worry about composition since they are for your own enjoyment…much like mine are.



  3. Sandy,

    TY, no class project. May eventually try to sell my stuff but that is a ways off. Now I’m just experimenting. Of course the point of that post was sky watching.

    Now if I could just rig up a camera to the car so I could take pictures of some of those awesome shots seen when driving. Tonight we went exploring & I wanted to just stop take pictures but there was no say place to pull over.


  4. Like Dr. Gaylon, I invite you to my web site. Honestly, I question your abilities as a critic. Are you published? Do you have your own blog? Have you had a showing of you own artwork?


  5. Do what u must do Dee. Just ignore such utterly brutal critic from absent-minded and rude people. Do not mirror his actions. I enjoy reading ur writings and your pictures are not as bad as he said. There will always be one or two rotten fruits in the basket. Dump them and continue munching on the good ones.


  6. Quinn: He has his own site. Claims to have multiple college degrees and over the age of 60. Suppposedly he is a retired teacher. I would expect better from someone who makes his claims.

    Rani: Ty. As for the photography the guy didn’t read the title. The point of the post was Sky Watching.


  7. Wow Dee. I’m surprised at your commenter. All it lacks is the nya nya nya nya nya nya on the end. If he really is in his 60’s then rest assured he has lots of time to read blogs he disagrees with and take shots at every image that isn’t Ansel Adams because someone with that ugly of a soul doesn’t have friends/family flocking to him to give him other things to do with his energies.

    And oddly enough, Jesus loves him too. Go figure.


  8. Memo to your critic: If you’re going to pick on somebody, come on over to my blog at http://www.palmettorev.blogspot.com. You won’t intimidate me, and I will be more than ready to dish it back to you. But leave this woman alone!

    As for you, thedeezone, I’m sorry you’ve had to put up with this bully. Just remember this: his attack says much more about HIM than it does about you. And, no, Jesus does not think you’re a jerk. If He died for you, it must mean this: He loves you.


  9. Cathy,

    In his previous comments on another blog he doesn’t allow anyone to disagree with him or make generalizations. He is unable to make a comment that isn’t a personal attack. He calls it telling the truth.


    Thank you for your support.

    David & Cathy,

    The guy claims to be Jewish. I guess he thought the Jesus comment would really get to me because I claim to be a Christian. My thought was that Jesus doesn’t even think he was a jerk but I do.



  10. Chin up. There wil always be haters, but then again for every hater, there are two lovers (so said my mother) 🙂

    I think comments regarding one’s faith are especially low. Whoever sent you that message, obviously has some spare time on their hands.

    Good response though, you are taking it well.


  11. What a very sad and lonely individual. I sincerely hope that they were not really a teacher if that is how they behave towards other people. (Although past experiences prove that they probably were….) I hope that they no longer bother you again. Not only is it mean and rude but its down right creepy.

    Oh, and I really enjoyed your photos in Sky Watch Friday.


  12. It’s How I see IT,

    TY for stopping by. Yeah, my guess is he really was a teacher and part of the reason schools are so messed up. He seems over impressed with his own credentials kind of a “Legend in His Own Mind”. He is quick to make generalizations and name calling but will not allow anyone else depart from logic or reason. My guess he was most likely a wash out as a teacher with only marginal success.


  13. Wow. Sorry I wasn’t around to defend you against this pathetic creature. I’d bet dollars to donuts this guy is not at all what he claims to be, because if he were, he would not be engaging in this behavior.

    He’s more than welcome to surf over to my blog if he wants to fight, though. Unlike him I actually am a professional writer, and have not only taught at the university level, but some of my work is actually taught at the university level. If he wants to play Mr. Smart Guy, I’ll put him in his place very quickly.

    Yet, though I actually have the credentials he only pretends to have, and more, your blog is one of my favorites. Who in their right mind cares if your writing isn’t perfect, or if your photos are not perfectly framed? The value of a blog lies not in its technical correctness, which is something anyone can learn, but in its personality, which is something that cannot be taught.

    That’s why I always come back to your blog, even when I have missed months of reading and must spend hours to catch up. That’s also why you get targeted by people like this cretin, who can only aspire to write a blog this interesting. So, consider it a compliment when people like him act like this. That’s what it is, whether he will admit it or not.


  14. ENM: The guy claims to have been a professor. More likely he is a legend in his own mind. The Big Guy, who by the way wants to be a prof, says professors are weird. The thing about the framing of my photographs is that they were for Sky Watch. The entire point is the sky. Glad you like my blog.


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