Energy has been the major industry in west Texas for decades. Until recently it has been primarily oil and gas. One of the most notable sights on our trip west were wind turbines interspersed amongst the pump jacks. Took this shot between Kermit and Odessa, Texas.  It took the first one using black and white settings on my camera.  I adjusted the others using illumination and photo effects in Corel Paintshop Pro.

Origninal using black and white settings on my camera.
Original using black and white settings on my camera.
Used time machine effects: Daguerreotype

Cross Process
Time Machine Effect: Cross Process
Illumination Effect: Sunburst

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23 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday: Wind Turbines

  1. Wind turbines fascinate me. I love to see them near the highway. These are great pictures. I think I like the first one best. It makes me think “vintage.”


  2. What fun, creatively done pics! I took a couple from our car of some in our area, but haven’t put them up yet. I was hoping to get closer some time and take some more. Thanks for the nice comment on my Skywatch post.


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