Today as I was on my way to work I observed one of my pet peeves. (Yes, I know you are probably wondering which one since I have so many.) Well, today’s rant is about knuckleheads who refuse to move over for emergency vehicles.

I was at a light when I noticed a fire truck coming in my rear view window. I watched as the driver kept switching lanes to get around cars that refused to move over. As the the fire truck reached me I was still at the light and was amazed that the people who had the green light did not clear the intersection. The fire truck had to actually wait for rude drivers to get out the way. Now I saw the fire truck coming at least 3 blocks way, complete with blaring sirens and lights flashing. It isn’t like these annoying people were surprised by the fire truck. After it passed me I even watched more than one reckless driver cut the fire truck off.

This is not the first incident I have observed. One day I pulled over for an ambulance only to be passed by the bad driver who had been tailgating. He proceeded to honk and make rude gestures. I guess the thought I was somehow acknowledging his greatness, yeah right.

Come on people use your brain. There is a reason that traffic laws state drivers must move over, yield or get out of the way of an emergency vehicle. It may be surprising to some annoying people that the world revolves around the sun not them. No matter how important they in their own minds others may have more pressing issues.  Ugh, well I guess that is enough ranting for one day.

The next time you meet a fire truck, ambulance or other emergency vehicle in with lights flashing and sirens blaring move over. A few seconds could make the difference between life and death. Do not make firefighters or police officers jobs any more dangerous than they already are.  Remember treat others the way you want them to treat you.

4 thoughts on “Just Move Over

  1. I wonder sometimes if people don’t know what to do. I had an ambulance come up behind me (took me a bit to figure out where the siren was coming from) and there was literally nowhere to go because the traffic was so thick. (It would be great if there were actually still shoulders on roads to pull over on, but no dice.)

    I wonder if it is really that people don’t care or if they sometimes aren’t sure what to do. (I’ll have to ask Bethany what they are teaching these days since she just finished drivers ed!!!)


  2. Oh man, I agree!!! Those people irritate me big time. That and those people who drive and refuse to let you merge into the lane, so they speed up. GRRR… that and slow people who go like 15 mph below the speed limit… I could go on and on…


  3. It is aggravating. Sigh, in small towns like mine, there are two lanes and a turn lane…usually, the ems and fire trucks go down the turn lane but I’ve seen many a redneck turn in front of them.


  4. Cathy,

    Our town isn’t that big. It isn’t like being on I-35 or I-20 during rush hour & you can’t move. These people just wouldn’t move.


    That is annoying. Back home they used to have stop lights at on the entrance ramps to I-30. It was really annoying if you had to stop because then you had to get from 0 to 60 in 0 seconds to actually get on the freeway. Cathy may remember those annoying lights.


    Do you have volunteer FD? That is always fun when you have a pick up come behind you until you realize they have a light stuck on the top.


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