Throwback Thursday: Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith Concert

In November of 2008 we got to see the  United Tour with Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith at the St. Augustine Amphitheater. Yep, that’s right an outdoor concert at night in November. No it wasn’t freezing it was only slightly chilly.  The Amphitheater is a small venue but very nice.  I’ve seen both Smitty & SCC in large venues where need a jumbo-tron just to see the stage but this was much better.

The Big Guy, Me, Smitty

Back stage with Smitty.scc9

SCC rocking out.

closing2Steven’s son Caleb, 2nd from the left played guitar for the tour.   Micheal’s son, Tyler, to the right of his dad, played keyboards for the second portion of the concert.


2009: A Year In Pictures

A collection of my favorite images from 2009.


Taken between Kermit and Odessa, TX.
Taken between Kermit and Odessa, Texas.


This door reminds me of the cover of Rich Mullins "Songs 2". Taken at Church of the Heavenly Rest, Abilene, TX.


Reflection of Big Guy in the Moon Roof.


The Great Cross at Nombre de Dios Mission in St. Augustine.

Sunset at the Grande Villas, World Golf Village in St. Augstine, FL.


The Big Guy as usual he gets phone calls when we are on our outings.


Played with the camera settings. No, it isn't photoshopped.
Watercolor setting
Playing with Corel Photo Painter


Painted on 2 layers of glass.  Each layer has a differant element of the painting.
Multi-dimensional painting on glass of the St. Augustine Light House


Daytona Beach Clock Tower


Day is done.

Top 10: Favorite Restaurants

top10It has been a while since I did one of my list. I just wasn’t inspired. This idea hit me when I was eating at one of my favorite places.

#10: Stagecoach Inn (Salado, TX) — Established in 1860, The Stagecoach Inn actually began as a stagecoach stop. The chicken fried steak is still made with the original recipe. One of the most unusual features is that  they do not use a printed menu. The menu is still recited orally as it has been done since the beginning. I love their hush puppies and desserts.

#9: Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant (Ft. Worth, TX and surrounding areas) — Pulido’s has been one of my favorite’s since I was young. It is the first place I remember having chicken enchiladas.  Their chicken enchiladas are still one of my favorites. They also have some very good tamales.

#8:  Beachcomber Restaurant (St. Augustine, FL) — Located right on the beach  Beachcombers has burgers, seafood and other things at a great price. I like how it is a causal and fun place at a good price.

#7: Antonio’s Mexican Restaurant (Burleson, TX) — Antonio’s may be the best Mexican restaurant and certainly one of my favorites.

#6: On The Border (Texas based chain) —  Great place to get good Tex-Mex outside of Texas. Unfortunately, the one near us closed.

#5: Steak and Pasta Works (Gainesville, FL) — Steak and Pasta has a great steak in a causal dining environment.  The company that owns Steak and Pasta Works used to have a high end steak place but I prefer the fun environment. — Upated 7/3/2011 No longer in business.

#4:  Texas Land and Cattle Steak House(Texas based chain) — One of my favorite steak houses is Texas Land and Cattle Company.  I love their smoked sirloin.  Unlike another chain that has Texas in its name Texas Land & Cattle Company is actually from Texas. Their menu and decor is reminiscent of a Texas cattle ranch.

#3: Dutchman’s Hidden Valley (Hamilton, TX) —  Dutchman’s Hidden Valley is a country store and German deli owned by a friend of mine and her husband.  It has been one of my favorites for several years.  They have the best peanut butter cookies and cheesecake.

#2: Goode Company Barbecue (Houston, TX) — Whenever we are driving through Houston schedule a stop at  Goode Company. They may have the best barbecue in the country.  Goode Co serves real barbecue done right. None of that sissy pork stuff.  I really like their brisket and sausage.

#1: Hollywood & Vine at Disney’s Hollywood Studio (Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL) — Dining at Disney is not the normal theme park food. In fact, it is actually quite good.  Two of my favorites are the salmon and the mac and cheese.  In my opinion Hollywood & Vine is one of the best if not the best Disney has to offer.  It features an all you can eat buffet which includes drinks. We have found it is actually more cost effective to eat one meal at a buffet. It cuts down on the need for snacks. Hollywood & Vine is an Art Decco themed tribute to Hollywood’s golden era. One warning,  at  breakfast and lunch it is character dining  featuring Playhouse Disney. So, if your party doesn’t include any munchkins stick with the evening meal.

Steak and Pasta Works (Gainesville, FL)

Sky Watch Friday: Crossing the St. Johns River


Last week we took a day trip to Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine. On our way back I caught these with my camera phone as we were crossing the St. Johns River on our way into Green Cove Springs.




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Sky Watch Friday: Nombre de Dios Mission


One of our favorite places to visit is St. Augustine, Florida. We make a trip there every couple of months. Each time we try to find something we haven’t seen before. This time we decided to visit Nombre de Dios Mission.


On 8 September 1565, Pedro Menedez de Aviles landed and claimed the land for Spain. The first act was for Father Franciso Lopez de Mendoza Grajales to hold mass.  This site would later become the beginnings of the oldest Catholic parish in the U.S. and the first Mission.


The Big Guy is walking towards the most notable feature of the Mission grounds. The Great Cross. The Great Cross was erected in 1966 in honor of the 400th anniversary of the founding of St. Augustine.

The Chapel of Our Lady of La Leche, 1615.
The Chapel of Our Lady of La Leche

One of the things I love the most about St. Augustine.
One of the things I love the most about St. Augustine.



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Sky Watch Friday: Grande Villas at Sunset


Back in April we spent a few days in St. Augustine, FL. I took these one night at the resort. We stayed in the Grande Villas at World Golf Village. It is a few miles from the beach but a very nice resort.


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