Throwback Thursday: Animal Kingdom

From May 1st, 2008. A several of years ago we had Disney passes. Took these pictures on one of trips to Disney's Animal Kingdom. It seems like the smallest of the parks at Disney World however it is actually the largest. The African Safari takes up most of the land for the park. Taken in … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Animal Kingdom

Top 10: Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head

Caught a clip last week on the Wally Show about songs that get stuck in your head. Of course, it sounded like a great topic for a top 10 list. Oh, by the way, I discovered there is a name for this "earworms." Some of the songs that made the list I like, some well...then … Continue reading Top 10: Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head

Top 10: Disney Movies — Animated

#10: Cars (2006) -- Racing champion Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) ends up being stranded in the  tiny town of Radiator Springs and in the process tears up the town.  The town judge Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) sentences Lightning community service to repair the damages.  In the process Lightening learns some valuable lessons about life from  … Continue reading Top 10: Disney Movies — Animated

Top 10: Disney World Rides

Ok, this actually a guest post by The Big Guy. He has hi-jacked my blog and is sitting next to me until it is typed. I guess he was inspired by our recent trip to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Disney's Hollywood Studio, formerly MGM Studios, is located in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Note: … Continue reading Top 10: Disney World Rides

Give A Day

Just heard about a cool program that Disney has for 2010. It is Give a Day, Get A Day. Disney is giving a free park ticket for those who volunteer in selected community service projects.  Sign-up begins January 1, 2010 but is you can sign up for email reminders not.  I think it is a … Continue reading Give A Day

Top 10: Tips for Walt Disney World

A few years ago we had seasonal passes to Walt Disney World. That is one of the perks of living in Florida. Over the course of two years we learned quite a bit about the parks and some tips that might be helpful for visitors, especially from out of state. #10: Plan your trip well … Continue reading Top 10: Tips for Walt Disney World