top10Ok, this actually a guest post by The Big Guy. He has hi-jacked my blog and is sitting next to me until it is typed. I guess he was inspired by our recent trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney’s Hollywood Studio, formerly MGM Studios, is located in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Note: To be included in my lists all rides had to be at Walt Disney World in Florida. I have not considered rides at any other Disney park.

#10: Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (Magic Kingdom) is a combination of a ride and a video game/shooting arcade. It is probably a kids ride but it is a lot of fun.

#9: Dinosaur (Animal Kingdom) more of a thrill ride than a roller coaster. Dinosaur is rather fun but a good ride.

#8: Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom) was the first roller coaster I ever rode. Of course, that was Disneyland in California.

#7: Test Track (EPCOT) lets you be a test dummy. On my must list every time I visit EPCOT. Definitely worth a fast pass. If you are willing to ride single rider you can get in faster but the downside is you won’t be riding with other from your party.

#6: Tower of Terror (Disney’s Hollywood Studio) lets you enter the world of a Twilight Zone episode. It is a simulated free fall ride. The falls are randomized so you don’t get the same ride each time.

#5: Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom) is one of three “mountain” rides at Magic Kingdom. Be prepared to get wet on this one.

#4: Toy Story Mania (Disney’s Hollywood Studio) is the newest Disney attraction. It opened in the Spring of 2009. I wasn’t very happy when the Millionaire Play It! was taken out to make room for it. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I rode it.  It is similar to the Buzz Lightyear ride.

#3: Big Thunder Railroad (Magic Kingdom)  is a runaway mine type roller coaster. I think the best time to ride it is at night.

#2: Located in The Land Soarin(EPCOT) was originally from Disney’s California Adventure.  It is an interactive I-Max type film that will have you soaring over California.  It is really hard to describe.

#1: Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom) is my absolute favorite ride. It is one of the smoothest coasters I have ever ridden.

One thought on “Top 10: Disney World Rides

  1. The best ride that my kids loved was the Bud light years space ranger ride. I could get them to ride other ride. We took the whole family out and had a great.


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