Top 10: Superhero Movies

The Big Guy helped me compile this list.

#10: Spider Man 2 TBG



#9: Captain America: Winter SoliderI like what I like. DH


#8: X-MEN First Class TBG


#7: Avengers: Age of Ultron — I’m a Marvel fan. To me the Avengers are the cornerstone of the Marvel Universe.  DH


#6: The Dark Knight TBG


#5: The Avengers  — I’ve always been an Avengers fan.  This is still one of my favorites. DH


#4: Iron Man TBG


#3: The Incredibles  — With the popularity and success of The Incredibles I’m surprised it has taken Disney so long to come out with a sequel. DH


#2: Guardians of Galaxy TBG


#1: Captain America: The First Avenger — Captain America may be one of my favorite recent movies. I’ve always enjoyed super hero movies and grew up reading comics. Captain America was one that I really didn’t know much about his story until this movie.  DH




TDZ Retrospective -Top 10: Signs You Might Be A Nerd

Originally posted May 10, 2010.

Top 10This post was inspired by a recent conversation with The Big Guy. For some unexplained reason our conversation evolved or eroded to a discussion about our favorite search engine from back in the day (late 90’s/early 2000s).

#10: Your pet has a Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or blog page.

#9: You have more gaming systems than TVs.

#8: When moving to a new place the entertainment system and network are the first things setup.

#7: You can remember you email, mac address, URL for your blog but not your phone number.

#6: You say BRB before leaving a room.

#5: You make a Skype phone call to the person sitting beside you on the sofa.

#4: When making travel plans you make hotel selections based upon availability of free Wi-Fi.

#3: On a job application you list Vulcan and/or Leetspeak as second and third languages.

#2: You fondly reminisce about favorite search engines of the old days.

#1: Your house has more computers than people. Bonus points if less than half of the computers actually work.

Top 10: Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head

top10BCaught a clip last week on the Wally Show about songs that get stuck in your head. Of course, it sounded like a great topic for a top 10 list. Oh, by the way, I discovered there is a name for this “earworms.” Some of the songs that made the list I like, some well…then there are those songs.  Enjoy and I’m not responsible permanent brain damage. Hey The Big Guy and The Big Alfro this one’s for you two.

#10: Water Buffalo SongVeggie Tales.  BTW, this was the very first Silly Song with Larry.

# 9: Pinky and The Brain Theme

# 8: Fishy Fishy (jingle from the McFish Bites ad) — McDonald’s

# 7: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

# 6: Achy Breaky HeartBilly Ray Cyrus

# 5: All the Single LadiesBeyonce — I couldn’t find a video that would meet rule #1.

# 4: Sponge Bob Square Pants Theme

# 3: Who Let the Dogs OutBaha Men  I saw or rather heard the Baha Men at a free public concert. They did this song for like 10 minutes.  I think it was the only song they played.

# 2: Kung Fu Fighting — Carl Douglas

# 1: It’s A Small World — Disney. There was a guy disabled guy who sued Disney for being stuck on the ride for 40 minutes. He won $8,000. BTW, this song caused The Big Guy to run screaming from the room.

Top 10: Valentine’s Day Playlist

top10BWell, this almost didn’t get posted due technical difficulties. The Valentine’s/Date idea top 10 list I posted several years ago are still among the post popular posts at TDZ. This year I decided to add another to the collection. The Big Guy helped out with the list. Enjoy.

 #10: Angel by Aerosmith

#9: Dishes by Flynn Adam

#8:  Bless The Broken Road Rascal Flats

#7: Faithfully by Journey

#6: 1, 2, 3, 4 by Plain White T’s

#5: Unforgettable duet with Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole

#4: Unchained Melody preformed by Elvis

#3: Lead Me by Santus Real

#2: Buttons by Lecrae

#1: I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman

Top 10: Student Excuses

top10B#10: “It is too hard.”  I’ve been surprised by the growing number of very bright and otherwise successful students that are afraid of failure. When a task is too hard they want to quit or get out of the class. Often the reason stated is that a low grade will have a negative impact on their GPA. My philosophy has always been any student who wanted to pass and was willing to work for it would. This has meant that I have helped students on my own time, given extra projects or tutoring. All the student had to do was either request help or respond to my offer to help them through the class.  Part of life is learning to handle failure and overcome obstacles. Students should be commended for taking difficult tasks and not allowed to avoid them.

#9: “It isn’t fair to give us a quiz over the reading assignment.”  I found that many students believed reading assignments were optional therefore refused to do them.

#8: “It is the teacher’s fault I’m failing. My being late to class, not listening and refusing to work has nothing to do with it.” In a parent-teacher conference the mother actually wanted me to sign a waiver saying I was unable to teach her daughter. The waiver basically stated I didn’t know how to teach. The purpose of the waiver was to allow her daughter to take the class on-line for free. Yep, that’s right instead of backing the teacher  or addressing her daughter’s behavior the mom blamed me.

#7: “What do you mean it is wrong I followed the picture in the book?” I thought a computer applications course that used Microsoft Office. The text included very detailed instructions on how to complete the assignments as well as illustrations. I always had students who just looked at the pictures instead of reading the instructions. They just didn’t want to read.

#6: “My arms are too long” This one  actually came from a friend who teaches on the secondary level.  He had a student tell him that he couldn’t work because his arms were to long for the desk. The desk was a standard chair/desk combo found in many high schools and colleges. No, the student isn’t a budding basketball star. He is around 6 feet or maybe a little less.

#5: “It was the teachers fault I got written up for cheating and failed the test.” I was tired of my students cheating on tests so I had the computer generate a different form for each student. During the test a couple of students asked why they had a different test from their neighbors. After the test one of the students asked if they each had a different test. It was the same student who noticed during the test there were different form,s asked if this was because I thought they were cheating. This caused several of the students to become upset that I was framing them for cheating. Well, one budding rocket scientist went home and told his mother I accused him of cheating and framed him for it.  In the parent conference, he told his mom this was unfair because he wrote down the same answers as X so he should have gotten the same grade.

#4: “Student: I didn’t know the project counted 1/3 of my grade or when it was due.”

Me: It was listed on the class syllabus, the monthly assignment sheet, on the project form you turned in at the beginning of the grading period and on the assignment board in class.
Parent: Well my child can’t remember assignments and I didn’t know about the assignment either.
Me:  I have your signature on the syllabus, monthly assignment sheet and project form.
Parent: You should communicate deadlines and expectations better.

 #3: “Unlike you I have a life and can’t be expected to do homework or show up to school on time.”  The student was trying to convince me to give a passing grade in a computer art class. The student begin my telling me how embarrassing it would be to fail an art class. After listening to the student’s begging and sob story I offered a solution. The student could come in after school for 2 weeks plus complete a research paper at home.  It was funny how fast the student’s attitude changed from desperation to indignant that I would expect the student to work for the grade.

#2: “I have ADHD and forgot to take my medicine.” My response: Neither did I go sit down and work. ADHD is real and it is not an acceptable excuse for poor behavior. Medicine is one tool for controlling ADHD. The secret for ADHD is to find the proper balance and tools to control it. Under control ADHD can be a secret weapon to go a little farther and get more things done.

#1:  “I can’t learn because I’m too dumb. I have SLD.”  SLD means specific learning disability.  Working in adult education it is really painful to see adults who have bought in to the lie that somehow a learning disability makes them unable to succeed. Many feel that because learning is hard they are just plain dumb. Like me others have had teachers tell them they were stupid. To be learning disabled one must have an average or higher IQ. Approximately 1/3 of individuals with a learning disability are in the gifted range. A learning disability means you have to learn differently.

Top 10: TV Theme Songs

top10BThis actually started as  a conversation The Big Guy and I had a few months ago.  Don’t know how the conversation started but apparently I had spent more time thinking about the best or iconic TV themes than he had. Maybe it is a band thing. We did play several of these in band.

#10: Cosby Show

#9: The Greatest American Hero – Believe It or Not

#8: Hill Street Blues

#7: Peter Gunn

#6: Happy Days

#5: Andy Griffith

#4: Star Trek (Original Series)

#3: Mission Impossible

#2: M.A.S.H. –  Suicide is Painless

#1: Hawaii Five-0 (Current Series)

Top 10: Reasons to be Thankful

#10: No broken bones this year.

#9: Rediscovering how much I enjoy painting.

#8: For music.

#7:  For a job that I’m good at and my recent promotion.

#6: For having a nice home, a good job and more than enough food to eat. The very basic things in life that many do not have.

#5: For my church family. Living so far away from families our church family has become an important part of our lives.

#4: For friends who are there period. Heard someone talking about how friend’s were untrustworthy and couldn’t be counted on. I thought that this person had not met my friends.

#3: For my family. I have come to realize just how blessed I am to have my family.

#2: For the Big Guy.

#1: For God’s unconditional love. I don’t have to earn His love or salvation. For that I’m extremely grateful because I would fail on both counts.