Originally posted May 10, 2010.

Top 10This post was inspired by a recent conversation with The Big Guy. For some unexplained reason our conversation evolved or eroded to a discussion about our favorite search engine from back in the day (late 90’s/early 2000s).

#10: Your pet has a Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or blog page.

#9: You have more gaming systems than TVs.

#8: When moving to a new place the entertainment system and network are the first things setup.

#7: You can remember you email, mac address, URL for your blog but not your phone number.

#6: You say BRB before leaving a room.

#5: You make a Skype phone call to the person sitting beside you on the sofa.

#4: When making travel plans you make hotel selections based upon availability of free Wi-Fi.

#3: On a job application you list Vulcan and/or Leetspeak as second and third languages.

#2: You fondly reminisce about favorite search engines of the old days.

#1: Your house has more computers than people. Bonus points if less than half of the computers actually work.

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