I found this little gem at my Mom’s house.

It was part of my dad’s collection. During the 1950s – 1970s my dad was an on-air DJ. He picked up a lot of interesting finds along the way.

6 thoughts on “Sweet Find

  1. Awesome! I remember those days well. We watched in riveting awe and wonder during the space flights and men walking on the moon. Astronauts were real heroes who put their lives on the line for science. My daughter, Cynthia, was born almost exactly the time they walked on the moon. Later we found out her name means “Goddess of the Moon” which we thought was sort of interesting. Your dad was able to collect an important part of world history.


  2. I wanted to be an astronaut, too, UNTIL I watched “The Right Stuff!” Astronauts went through a lot of hard trials because going was such an unknown event. But, seeing the earth from space would be awesome!


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