Me and Billy Joe Bubba Bob (insert random name here) ….

This is a mistake I hear from otherwise well-educated  people. That phrase absolutely drives me bonkers. Why?

First, it is grammatically incorrect.  It should be:

Billy Joe Bubba Bob and me/I …..

Second,  it sounds self-centered. Always list the other person first.   In grammar just like in life things are better if we put others first.


4 thoughts on “Another English Rant

  1. Actually, it depends on whether the “Billy Joe ____ and me/I” are the subject of the sentence. There IS a grammar rule, but my mind no longer remembers all of the rules. If you and someone (Sam) are going to the mall, you’d say, “Sam and I are going to the mall.” If someone is taking just you and Sam to the mall, you’d say, “Shes only taking Sam and me to the mall.”
    Basically, you remove the other person from the sentence. How would you say it then? Drives ME nuts, also! And it’s getting worse with my age. So, be prepared!


  2. Oh. Okay, I understand that, but what drives ME nuts is the incorrect grammar. Of course, being around so many ppl who continually speak incorrectly, I do sometimes myself. I’m a ‘Grammar Nazi’, but it’s tough to beat the way things have gone with the English language.


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