I’m sure you may have heard about this one by now but it still worth mentioning. Last week 85 year-old great-grandmother Leda Smith returned home to find a 17-yr-old punk had broken into her home. He was hiding in a corner in her living room. Smith walked past the kid to her bedroom to retrieve her gun. What she did next is the best part. At gun point Smith ordered the teen to call 911 and then held him at gun point until the cops arrived. Check out the clip from Good Morning America.

Smith’s response to the intruder is amazing. She took control of the situation much like a mother correcting a young child. It is very cool that she made the kid call 911 and tell them what he did. Of course the punk’s first response to Smith and the 911 operators was that he didn’t do it. Ok, let’s think about this one. Smith returns to her home to find broken glass and an intruder inside. Somehow the punk caught inside actually expected others to believe that he is innocent. Yeah, right! He was caught red-handed where he didn’t belong.

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