ID10T: Not So Great Escapes

Heard this one of the local news (note the story isn't posted on their website). It seems that a couple of guys were doing to do their Christmas shopping in the parking lot of a local hospital or at least until the police intercepted them. One of the geniuses decided to make a run for … Continue reading ID10T: Not So Great Escapes

Yet Another ID10T Winner

Somebody must have left the idiot gate open because there seems to be a bumper crop of candidates for the ID10T award. I heard this one on the news last night however I was not able to find it on-line so a few details like names and location are missing. A north-central Florida woman and … Continue reading Yet Another ID10T Winner

Don’t Mess With Granny

I'm sure you may have heard about this one by now but it still worth mentioning. Last week 85 year-old great-grandmother Leda Smith returned home to find a 17-yr-old punk had broken into her home. He was hiding in a corner in her living room. Smith walked past the kid to her bedroom to retrieve … Continue reading Don’t Mess With Granny

Some People Will Do Anything For A Buck

Saw a report on the local TV station about thieves disabling a generator in the special needs emergency storm shelter in nearby Bradford County. Apparently, the thieves cut lead wires to the generator in order to get the copper wires. The shelter is open because of Tropical Storm Fay and is designed to meet the … Continue reading Some People Will Do Anything For A Buck

Another ID10T Winner

Charles Ray Fuller of Ft Worth, Texas had a "brilliant" get rich quick plan.  He "borrowed" a check from his girlfriend's mother and added some slight modifications.  His little plan ran into some problems when bank officials became suspicious of the 10 zeros Fuller added to the check. Yes, he tried to cash a check … Continue reading Another ID10T Winner

More ID10T Awards: What Where They Thinking.

This weekend I found more Einstein's deserving ID10T awards. Runner Up 5 students from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where caught trying to steal a baby alligator from miniature golf course in Daytona Beach Shores. I've heard of water hazards but an alligator in the water, that is a rough one. I'm not going to retrieve a … Continue reading More ID10T Awards: What Where They Thinking.

Adventures of a Wandering Mind

Why do we pay tolls on the freeway? According to a study funded by the floral industry flowers really do make you happy. In the study women were divided into three groups one group received flowers and the other two gift baskets. Those that received flowers smiled more than those who received gift baskets. Yep, … Continue reading Adventures of a Wandering Mind