Saw a report on the local TV station about thieves disabling a generator in the special needs emergency storm shelter in nearby Bradford County. Apparently, the thieves cut lead wires to the generator in order to get the copper wires. The shelter is open because of Tropical Storm Fay and is designed to meet the needs of those with special medical needs.  It also seems that cutting the wires could have possibly been dangerous for the punks who did it.

This whole thing just makes me sick. I guess some punks are just opportunistic and see it as a easy money. After all they are not directly affected by the theft.

5 thoughts on “Some People Will Do Anything For A Buck

  1. Around here metalpurloiners steal the heavy copper cables (specialized and worth more intact, than sold as scrap) from field spinkling units used on the produce farms east of here. Now to get to them they have to climb a flence cross the field to the pump, unbolt the things (they can’t be cut they’re too heavy, and then lug the beasts back out of the fields, over the fenses, and load them onto a truck. It takes a lot of work. Question is, why not just get a job? I suspect that in your case the labor to collect enough wire to make it worthwhile, even at today’s prices ($3.50/lb), is intense. It makes no sense… unless, they are illegals, ahem, unemployable, ahem undocumented workers, aliens, (druggies do smash and grab not this) but that is rediculous, U.I.’s are fine upstanding tax paying members of society, concerned with their neighbors good, aren’t they? The sad thing is that even if it were U.I.’s, they have the same need for shelter as those who are not. In any case, this kind of crime is a vital part of our new economy, a contributing factor to the over all job growth and employment security of others. It is kinda like a hurricane in that sense, but in this case, it’s depraved human nature and is in season all year round.


  2. Sandy and ENM: I agree

    Thomas: By UI do you mean illegal aliens? If so most if not all of the illegal aliens I have had contact with are hard working people whose only crime is wanting a better life for their family. They work the jobs that no one else wants. It is more likely that the thugs are druggies or just punks.


  3. Recently in Dallas, an aspiring copper theif, was electrocuted as he attempted to steal copper from a transformer on an electric utility pole. It took emergency workers some time to remove his lifeless body.

    Just punishment!


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