ID10T: Pocket Dial 911

This has got to be one the best stories of stupid criminals I've heard about.  Jason Hamielec and Brian Johnson, of Madison Wisconsin ripped off DVDs and video games from a local Target. They planned to sell the stuff to a local used video store.  As the guys were in headed to the video store … Continue reading ID10T: Pocket Dial 911

ID10T Winner: Hmm…Next Time Call a Cab

Audrey Willoughby and Michael Ray Green III of Port St. Lucie, Florida came up with what they thought was the perfect solution for a designated driver after a night of drinking.  Green decided the best person to drive their party of 4 home was Willoughby's 10-year -oLd daughter.  His reasoning was that both he and … Continue reading ID10T Winner: Hmm…Next Time Call a Cab

ID10T: Not So Great Escapes

Heard this one of the local news (note the story isn't posted on their website). It seems that a couple of guys were doing to do their Christmas shopping in the parking lot of a local hospital or at least until the police intercepted them. One of the geniuses decided to make a run for … Continue reading ID10T: Not So Great Escapes

ID10T Award: Way to Go Big D!

Well, the city of Dallas, Texas has certainly out done the winners of previous ID10T awards. It may be the ID10T winner of the year if not decade. A water main burst Monday night flooding the Dallas county's electrical system. As  a result it took out the entire computer system for the city of Dallas.  … Continue reading ID10T Award: Way to Go Big D!

ID10T: Public School Edition

Earlier this month officials in two New York Public Schools exhibited total lack of common sense when administering punishment to two students. First, officials at Junior High 190 in Queens decided that the behavior of Alexa Gonzalez was drastic enough to call the police. Alexa was led from school in handcuffs. You may be wondering … Continue reading ID10T: Public School Edition

ID10T Award: Earth to Flight 188

The winners of the today's award have pulled one of the most inexcusable and ridiculous acts.  Last Wednesday, Oct 21 the flight crew of Northwest Airlines Flight 188 missed their intended destination by 150 miles. Capt. Timothy B. Cheney, 53, and First Officer Richard Cole, 54, were experienced officers, not rookies. Until this incident Cheney … Continue reading ID10T Award: Earth to Flight 188

ID10T Award: It’s a UFO …

Until last week I have gone several months without finding recipients deserving of the ID10T Award. This is my second winner in a week. I'm sure by now you've heard of the Heene family and the saga of 6 year-old Falcon stowed away on a homemade UFO. Well, it seems that the entire thing was … Continue reading ID10T Award: It’s a UFO …