Well, the city of Dallas, Texas has certainly out done the winners of previous ID10T awards. It may be the ID10T winner of the year if not decade.

A water main burst Monday night flooding the Dallas county’s electrical system. As  a result it took out the entire computer system for the city of Dallas.  The computers are projected to be off-line for up to a week.  The city was warned in a 2008 audit that they needed an emergency backup plan for the computer system. Apparently those in charge either did not think it was important, needed or had enough time to fix it. (Read the Dallas Morning News Article.)

Of all the wacky things I’ve seen happen in Dallas this may be the worst one. Although I’m not really surprised that the Dallas officials did not think having an emergency back plan was important. Hmm… I guess they forgot that Dallas is located in Tornado Alley.  Kind of make’s you wonder what Big D really stands for…

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