ID10T Until last week I have gone several months without finding recipients deserving of the ID10T Award. This is my second winner in a week. I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the Heene family and the saga of 6 year-old Falcon stowed away on a homemade UFO. Well, it seems that the entire thing was a hoax. The family who is no stranger to reality television seems to crave media attention. Or at least the dad Richard and possibly mother Mayumi do.  The Heenes have appeared on ABC’s Wife Swap. Richard and Mayumi met in acting school.  The Heenes acting abilities were good enough to con law enforcement officials. It was a statement made by Falcon during a CNN interview that revealed the family’s secret. Richard and Mayumi may be comfortable with lying and willing to do anything for publicity but it obviously  troubles Falcon. Falcon got sick during two different television interviews.

2 thoughts on “ID10T Award: It’s a UFO …

  1. Ya, I was hoping you would feature him for you idiot award! What a – well – an idiot! Bummer.
    Oh, I wanted to thank you for your last post. I have been the recipient of many undesirable “myth” emails and was happy to see the links for getting the true story. I usually erase them but will now know where to look when I want the real scoop. 🙂


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