It seems that there is a Facebook Quiz for everything. I played along for a while but  have grown weary of them. Many use  the following format “What type of _____ are you?” Some are funny while others are just plain ridiculous.  I have decided I don’t need a quiz to tell me what type of ____ I am.  I can figure that out for myself and have decided to share my unbiased and non-scientific results.

  • Q. What type of Stabucks drink are you?
    A.  Tall iced coffee with non-fat milk and vanilla. Iced coffee with vanilla, caramel or vanilla-caramel is my drink of choice unless it is cold. Then my favorite coffee drink was something called Bit O’Honey that I used to get at a local place on Camp Bowie Blvd in Ft. Worth, Texas.
  • Q. What Disney Princess am I?
    A. That is an easy one. Princess Mia from the Princess Diaries.
  • Q. What college do you belong to?
    A. Well my alma mater, Hardin-Simmons University.
  • Q. What Stereotype do you fit?
    A.  Gee, that one isn’t hard. Computer nerd or geek.
  • Q. What children’s book are you?
    A.  Alfred, the Pony Who Couldn’t Say Neigh.
  • Q. What breed of dog are you?
    A. Border Collie or Collie of course
  • Q. What high school will you go to?
    A.  Been there done that got the t-shirt and the diploma
  • Q. Are you an Okie?
    A. Now why would I need a quiz for that? According to my parents, my birth certificate and the Texas Department of Vital Statistics I was born South of the Red River in Texas. So I’m a Texan not an Okie.
  • Q. When will you get married?
    A. Hmm… I got married Dec 19th, 1998.

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