I find it interesting the number of otherwise logical adults who are seem prone to believe  all of the internet rumors and emails that are floating around. For some individuals is seems that the more bizarre, unbelievable or slanderous the email is the more likely they are to believe them. I have also noticed even those who are not really into gossip often fall for internet rumors. What it is about emails or the internet that makes some more likely to believe rumors.  Last week’s Baptist Standard and an interesting article about internet rumors and people of faith. The article raises the question of what does one’s willingness to believe internet rumors say about one’s faith.

As Christian’s we should use discernment regarding internet rumors. Take the time to research rumors. Or just simply delete the emails. During the last election I became extremely frustrated with all of the email rumors that landed in my in-box. I wanted facts not outlandish rumors and half-truths. Before hitting forward take time to investigate the subject.

6 thoughts on “Rumors and Emails

  1. Try http://www.Snopes.com. They research all of these emails and urban myths. it’s been a way to let people know if these things are or aren’t true. I send the link back to the person sending me the emails. They might still choose to believe them, but they stop sending them to me!


  2. Hey, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yea. This drives me crazy too. I always send back to the entire email list a link to Snopes.com that debunks whatever foolish things are being sent around (if it’s a hoax, which most of the time it is). I must admit, it’s a snobby move on my part, but, hey, they need to take responsibilty for spreading trash, too!


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