Wonders of America

Last week Good Morning America began a series about the 7 Wonders of America. Last Monday and Tuesday, I wrote about the 1st wonder: The National Mall and the 2nd wonder: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Things just got busy and I didn't have time to follow up on the others. 3rd American Wonder: The Grand … Continue reading Wonders of America

Wonders of America: 2nd Wonder

This morning Good Morning America unveiled the 2nd Wonder in the series 7 Wonders of America. Sam Champion was the adventurer/host for today's segment. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was designated the 2nd wonder. It featured some amazing scenery. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is on my list of places to visit someday. One day … Continue reading Wonders of America: 2nd Wonder

Wonders of America

Today, Good Morning America kicked off a series about the 7 Wonders of America. Each of the GMA personalities will be sent out on a secret trip to their designated wonder. Clues are given about their location. GMA also inviting viewers to send in photos or videos of their favorite U.S. wonder and vote for … Continue reading Wonders of America

One Cool Kid

Last week I saw a segment on Good Morning America about 12-year-old Michael Guggenheim that is truly inspiring. Michael has dysgraphia, form dyslexia that affects fine motor skills including handwriting skills. Michael’s mom first noticed problems when he was able to read but could not even write his name. The process of even holding a pencil … Continue reading One Cool Kid

Bad Hair Day

Comedian Anita Renfroe who did the "Momsense Song" is now a special contributor for Good Morning America. Her most recent report is about that horrible problem plaguing women everywhere "hair grief". I tried to post "Bad Hair Day" but it just didn't work. You can watch it on Good Morning America's site. Just because I … Continue reading Bad Hair Day

This & That

She Just Wants a Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T It seems at Sunday night's Grammy's Beyounce made a major mistake. She introduced Tina as the Queen of Soul. That title belongs to Aretha Franklin.  Someone goofed on that one.  You can see a clip from Good Morning America here. As long as Turner has been around it seems … Continue reading This & That

Wacky News

TV in the bedroom has an alarm/timer. It turns on the morning news usually Good Morning. The first two stories I caught after waking up this morning made me think I must still be dreaming. Wacky Story #1: Surreal Tom Cruise Scientology Video I woke up this morning to a story about Tom Cruise's latest … Continue reading Wacky News