TV in the bedroom has an alarm/timer. It turns on the morning news usually Good Morning. The first two stories I caught after waking up this morning made me think I must still be dreaming.

Wacky Story #1: Surreal Tom Cruise Scientology Video

I woke up this morning to a story about Tom Cruise’s latest Scientology video. Apparently, the video of an interview of Cruise that was produced by and for Scientologist was leaked to Google videos and YouTube. The video was part of a presentation for an award Cruise received a few years ago. It seems the video was never intended to be viewed by the general public and it didn’t take long for Scientologists to pull it off the net. It is so wild you just have to check it out for yourself.

Wacky Story #2: UFO Sighted Near Stephenville, Texas

On January 8th, several people in Erath county saw an unexplained light. Actually, my mom told me about this one last night.

I found some really strange stuff about the UFO after doing some research. Bud Kennedy’s column in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram is very amusing. A Scottish evangelist is claiming that she predicted this little event over a month ago. According to Kennedy, this isn’t the first time people in Stephenville have reported seeing strange flying objects. In 1897 residents reported seeing a giant flying monster land near Stephenville.

3 thoughts on “Wacky News

  1. Funny thing about Tom Cruise’s video. Last year Erica and I saw a car flip on the highway. We pulled over & I called 911. Rescue and Emergency vehicles arrived in minutes. But I guess my call didn’t help anyone because I am not a scientologist. Shucks!


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