guggenheim.jpgLast week I saw a segment on Good Morning America about 12-year-old Michael Guggenheim that is truly inspiring. Michael has dysgraphia, form dyslexia that affects fine motor skills including handwriting skills. Michael’s mom first noticed problems when he was able to read but could not even write his name. The process of even holding a pencil causes extreme physical pain for Michael.

Dysgraphia is a rare form of dyslexia that is often misunderstood or overlooked. It does not affect intelligence or verbal skills. In Michael’s case he was unable to draw even a stick figure but could paint a beautiful picture with words.

Last summer Michael began teaching a weekly computer class for children at a Los Angeles homeless shelter. The course was his idea. Michael also formed a non-profit organization, SPLAT or Showing People Learning and Technology. Be sure to check out his blog.

2 thoughts on “One Cool Kid

  1. Wow. Fascinating. The mind certainly is a mystery, isn’t it? My idea of a hero is someone who can get their eyes off their own weaknesses and work with their strengths to help others. Michael is awesome, isn’t he? Take care, Spring


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