This week another incident of a police officer misusing power caught on tape is making the national news.  Check out the this segment from ABC’s Good Morning America.

Last November, Angela Garbarino was arrested for DUI.  During the booking process Garbarino being difficult and asked Officer Wylie Willis repeatedly if she could make a phone call. He chose to ignore her requests.  Garbarino attempted to leave the room.  Willis restrained and handcuffed her. After she is handcuffed, Willis slams her into a door, pushes her onto the floor and then forces her into a chair.  What Willis does next is totally outrageous. He walks over and turns off the video tape. When the tape is turned on Garbarino is on bloody, beaten and on the floor. Also, Willis is shown looking for blood on his hands and uniform as he leaves the room.


Willis claims that Garbarino who was drunk tripped and fell. Ok, somehow a fall is supposed to explain 2 blacks, multiple broken teeth and all the other injuries. Look at the picture, she was beaten.  Also, Willis claims that he was just following procedure when he turned off the tape.  My first thought, was of course it is procedure to turn off the tape if you are going to beat someone down.  Apparently, in Louisiana it is permissible to turn off a video tape during booking. It would seem prudent to leave the tape on especially since Garbarino was being difficult and is a female.  Willis has been fired but no charges have been brought due to lack of evidence. Also, his lawyer is quick to blame Garbarino outrageous behavior for what happened.

While Garbarino’s behavior certainly contributed to the problem it does not absolve Willis of responsibility for his own actions. Garbarino’s behavior is also unacceptable. She was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving and that is a totally unacceptable. In my opinion those convicted of DUI should loose their licenses permanently after the first offense. They do not deserve a second chance. Drunk drivers must be stopped before they take a life. I have absolutely no sympathy for drunk drivers. Why? My friends DS and AP lives were cut short by repeat offender drunken drivers.  However, Garbarino’s actions did not warrant any form of physical violence. She was handcuffed before the officer assaulted her.

Well, you have heard my rant? It is your turn to sound off. What do you think about this whole mess?