Response to a Reader on Dysgraphia

I received a comment below from a reader. It raises a some good issues and questions. I would like to devote a post to it.  I have re-posted the the entire comment. and will address questions at the end. Hello Dee, I do not know if I’m doing this right, but here it goes. This … Continue reading Response to a Reader on Dysgraphia

How I Got into Writing…

Prior to blogging saying I didn't enjoy or like writing was an understatement. Writing was something I hated and would do anything to avoid. Growing up I never enjoyed writing and would do anything to get out of writing assignments in school. I have dyslexia and dysgraphia. Dysgraphia is a form of dyslexia that affects … Continue reading How I Got into Writing…

Disabilities: My Story

This is the 2nd installment in a series on disabilities. It has taken much longer to write this than I intended. I guess because it is my story and personal. One of the reason's I write about disabilities is because I have several learning disabilities. One of the most frustrating things about learning disabilities is … Continue reading Disabilities: My Story

Oct: Learning Disability Awareness Month

I originally wrote this for another education site. I have adapted it for TDZ. The month of October is Disability Awareness Month. The archives already have several articles pertaining to learning disabilities. Here is a quick overview of some of the resources available on Homeschool Benefits. ADHD(Yes, I know it is not a learning disability … Continue reading Oct: Learning Disability Awareness Month

Day 17: Technology

There were so many choices for today's subject. After much consideration I selected my trusty laptop. You may be wondering why my laptop.  For me a computer has been one of the biggest tools in compensating for dysgraphia. With a computer I am not bound by the limitations I feel when using other forms of … Continue reading Day 17: Technology

Dysgraphia Explained

Note: I originally wrote this for another blog. However, it is important part of my story. Dysgraphia is related to dyslexia. Dysgraphia affects fine motor skills and ability to write legibly. Like dyslexia it is often misunderstood. Many times a child with dyslexia may do very well in school except for writing legibly therefore it … Continue reading Dysgraphia Explained

A Letter From the Class Dummy

Note: As the start of a new school year is upon us I thought it would be a good time to something I was asked to write several years ago  on my experiences of  growing up with a learning disability. Speaker presenting workshops for teachers used this. Do you remember the kid in grade school … Continue reading A Letter From the Class Dummy