Top 10As, you probably have figured out if you have read my tagline I have ADHD. Life with ADHD can be interesting, at times challenging but mostly it is just normal. While talking with a friend I came up with the idea for writing a list of Top 10 ADHD Things.

#10 Easily distracted

Sometimes it is just hard to concentrate. Yes, I can choose to concentrate but there are days I just am tired of fighting to keep my mind focused.

#9 Easily Bored

Growing up one of the most difficult problems I had with ADHD that is easy to get bored. Boredom and an ADHD kid are not a good combination. Mark Lowry’s spoof Every Teacher Knows My Name is a good example of what happens when ADHD kids get bored.

#8 Finishing a task

Sometimes is just hard too finish a task. Some things just seem too hard and I’m already defeated before I start.

#7 Poor Organizational Skills

Poor organizational skills and time management are common problems for people with ADHD. Thankfully, my mom forced me to learn organizational skills. It did take a long time and she often wondered if I was actually learning anything. I have learned that structure helps make sense of my sometimes chaotic world.

#6 Hyper-creative not Hyper-active Comedian Mark Lowry prefers to call himself hyper-creative not hyper-active. I agree with him.

#5 Multi-tasking

I enjoy being able to read a book, watch a movie & carry on a conversation or carry on multiple conversations at once.

#4 Always on the move

I just don’t like sitting still and I always have to do something with my hands. Guess, this is one of the reasons I can multi-task.

#3 Think differently

Apparently people with ADHD think differently. Recent studies indicate that people with ADHD think three dimensionally. Personally, I think in words and pictures. I can visualize what I’m thinking about as I am thinking. Maybe this isn’t that special or different; of course for me it is just normal.

#2 What is normal anyway?

Growing up I just wanted to be normal. I wanted to be able to sit in my desk at school and not get in trouble. I wanted to be like other kids. One day in one of my education classes in college we were given a description of someone with ADHD. Finally, after all those years I was normal. I was a normal person with ADHD. The concept of normal is relative to the standards used to define it.

#1 Secret Weapon or Worst Enemy

When controlled ADHD can be my little secret weapon, it is that extra edge or energy I need to go a little longer, do a little more. However, when not controlled I’m defeated before I even get started. Usually it gets out of control when I choose not to do the things necessary to be successful.


16 thoughts on “Top 10: ADHD Things

  1. This is a most realistic list of ADHD problems faced by students, teachers, and parents. At times it is bewildering as well as frustrating.

    You made it through, Praise the Lord!


  2. I love you site! I have full blown adhd and add! God gave me this wonderful gift and I don’t know what to do with out it. My boyfriend is really shy but becasue of me ADHD I talk alot and he loves it.


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