The Importance of Reading

  At the wise old age of 6 I decided that I had no need to learn to read. I was determined not to waste my time learning to read. My mom was equally determined that I was going to learn to read. Reading, writing and basic computational skills are considered essential components of a … Continue reading The Importance of Reading

Thoughts on Metacognition

This weekend the Big Guy was rather engrossed in his school work. It seemed like every time I attempted to say anything to him he just didn't hear me.  Or for that matter even respond.  On Sunday, the Big Guy told me he knew what happened. His explanation was that he thinks in words so … Continue reading Thoughts on Metacognition

Fostering Creativity in Children

Originally posted on Children are naturally inquisitive, imaginative, and creative. Young children have no difficulty being creative. For example a young child has no problem drawing a purple horse, blue sun or pretending that a towel is a cape that gives them super powers. Unfortunately as children grow older many loose this sense of … Continue reading Fostering Creativity in Children

Boys and Girls Learn Differently

It really should not be surprising that boys and girls learn differently after all boys and girls are different. However there is a growing movement supporting single sex education. Dr. Leonard Sax, an outspoken support of single sex education and the author of Why Gender Matters: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know About the … Continue reading Boys and Girls Learn Differently

Top 10: ADHD Things

As, you probably have figured out if you have read my tagline I have ADHD. Life with ADHD can be interesting, at times challenging but mostly it is just normal. While talking with a friend I came up with the idea for writing a list of Top 10 ADHD Things. #10 Easily distracted Sometimes it … Continue reading Top 10: ADHD Things

What I Really Learned in School

Have you ever wondered what the most important thing you learned in school was? I mean what impact has education had on your life? There are some classes algebra or geometry that I don't really use. When was the last time you used any of that stuff? Music, cooking and yes even sewing are all … Continue reading What I Really Learned in School

Tutoring for Toddlers

According to an article in the current issue of Time there is a growing trend in academic tutoring for preschool aged children. The preschoolers are being taught skills traditionally learned in kindergarten and first grade. Part of this craze may be attributed to a study recently published in Developmental Psychology citing a high corollary between … Continue reading Tutoring for Toddlers