reader.jpgHave you ever wondered what the most important thing you learned in school was? I mean what impact has education had on your life?

There are some classes algebra or geometry that I don’t really use. When was the last time you used any of that stuff?

Music, cooking and yes even sewing are all skills I use frequently. Although the foundation for my music skills came from the graded choir program at church not my school. Believe it or not I still use some recipes I learned in high school.

Oh, of course keyboarding and computer skills are also essential for every day. It is still amusing to me that one of my teachers in high school said I had no need to use a computer. Another told me I was not smart enough or good enough in math or science to have any future in computers. Of course it was the 1980’s and the PC was still a new invention. Twenty plus years later computer proficiency is as important as reading, writing and basic math skills.

However, reading remains the most important skill. Reading is one of my favorite things. I read everything in sight. I didn’t start out as a reader; at the ripe old age of 6 I decided reading wasn’t necessary. With much persuasion my mom finally taught me how to read and in the process I became a reader.

3 thoughts on “What I Really Learned in School

  1. I learned a lot of useful information in school. My favorite classes were the electives such as Introduction to Law, Media Technology, and Academic Decathlon.


  2. There’s this famous remark made by one of my teachers that I would like to quote here:
    “Education is not just about what you learn, more significantly, it is about learning to learn!”

    I believe reading is the best way of getting to that! [:)]


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