Worst Teacher Ever

Monday's topic of the day from the Daily Post is a particularly loaded one. "What is the worst teacher you have ever had?"  Rather than focusing on teacher from the many candidates, I will focus one some common traits. Note if you know me please do not identify any teacher mentioned by name. One trait … Continue reading Worst Teacher Ever

Zero-Tolerance or Zero Discretion?

As an educator one of my biggest frustrations was the unfair enforcement of school rules. I tried to be fair with all of my students regardless of who they were or were not. I have been a supporter of zero-tolerance. However, I think that discretion must also be used when enforcing rules. There are times … Continue reading Zero-Tolerance or Zero Discretion?

What I Really Learned in School

Have you ever wondered what the most important thing you learned in school was? I mean what impact has education had on your life? There are some classes algebra or geometry that I don't really use. When was the last time you used any of that stuff? Music, cooking and yes even sewing are all … Continue reading What I Really Learned in School

Homework: Why Bother?

What is the purpose of homework? It does have a purpose doesn’t it. After all isn’t it just some torture device thought up by vengeful teachers who wish to infringe upon the free time of their students. Yes, homework has a purpose. Homework is designed to reinforce what is learned in classroom. As a teacher … Continue reading Homework: Why Bother?