Theme for 2014: Back to the Basics

Well January is almost over and I haven't even gotten around to posting this year's them. My theme for 2014 is "Back to Basics". It isn't that I haven't had a theme picked out. I've just been busy focusing on several basics in my life. One of  the foundations for who I am is my … Continue reading Theme for 2014: Back to the Basics

The Importance of Reading

  At the wise old age of 6 I decided that I had no need to learn to read. I was determined not to waste my time learning to read. My mom was equally determined that I was going to learn to read. Reading, writing and basic computational skills are considered essential components of a … Continue reading The Importance of Reading

The Best Method for Teaching Reading

Editor's Note: This is a piece I originally wrote for As a teacher, I have used many different approaches for teaching reading: phonics, whole language, literature based, etc. Many workshop instructors attempted me to convince me their program was the best. I have also encountered many people who believe that phonics and sight words … Continue reading The Best Method for Teaching Reading

Dyslexia and Language

Recent studies suggest that there is a correlation between native language and the effects of dyslexia. According to findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the effect of dyslexia is different in children who read and speak English contrasted with those read and speak Chinese. Prior to this study, the language being … Continue reading Dyslexia and Language

Federal Tutoring Failing Kids

According to recent study released by the American Educational Research Association that after-school tutoring mandated by No Child Left Behind is not making the grade. The study reviewed tutoring practices in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and Milwaukee. It seems that many children who are eligible for the programs do not attend. Also, some of the programs … Continue reading Federal Tutoring Failing Kids