Well January is almost over and I haven’t even gotten around to posting this year’s them. My theme for 2014 is “Back to Basics”. It isn’t that I haven’t had a theme picked out. I’ve just been busy focusing on several basics in my life.

One of  the foundations for who I am is my faith.  This year I want to be intentional about practicing personal and corporate Bible study and worship. Sometimes I think it becomes just one more thing to check off my list so I can say that I’ve done the right things. Instead I want to take time to soak in what I’m reading, hearing or studying.

When I was thinking about the basics I began thinking about things I used to enjoy but somehow just don’t do anymore. Growing up I enjoyed reading, painting and music. Since completing my Master’s degree in 2000 I’ve probably only read maybe 50 books. I just got so tried of reading in graduate school. I used to read at least 5-10 books a month. Since January the 1st I’ve read 2 books and am working on a 3rd. Last fall I started painting again and will work that in as time. Due to life circumstances I haven’t played the guitar much since this summer that is coming back.  Need to go remember to get some more strings.

I’ve been trying to loose weight for several years. I have some success but always seem to get side tracked. I find that I can loose weight if I will do at least one of the following: make healthy eating choices, eat at home or be more active. This year we are trying the Real Food Challenge. I’ll write more about that later. So far this month I’ve had more good eating days than bad.

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