Uncertain Times

It seems that our entire country is falling apart. Yet another ambush on police officers happened today.  It appears this too was sparked by earlier events.

We are in the midst of a messy and contested presidential election time. It seems that both candidates and political parties only want to cause more divisions in our country.

In times like this I am reminded that true peace and hope only comes through Christ.  It is because of His promises, I’m able to say it is well.

It is Well by Horatio Spafford and Philip Bliss
performed by Audrey Assad

Where’s God?

As I was pursuing Twitter I found an article by Ann Voskamp about where is God when life seems to fall apart and bad things happen. One thing I’ve wondered myself sometimes and here from others is why is God letting this happen to me. Why isn’t God just fixing the problem so I don’t have to suffer or have pain. Truth is that pain is part of life, life isn’t always going to be perfect and being a Christian certainly doesn’t mean life is going to be easy. As much as I might not like it God might just have a purpose for the hard times in my life.

Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope,  Romans 5:3-4 English Standard Version

Oh and back to the article that you really must read it.  Here is one of my favorite quotes:

Faith is this unwavering trust in the heart of God in the hurt of here. Ann Voskamp

Easter and Good Intentions

Well, it is almost 10 PM and I haven’t gotten a post for Easter written. I try to post something each day between Palm Sunday and Easter. However,  things just haven’t worked out as planned.  Between church, family and other responsibilities it is has been a busy week. According to the Big Guy it is one of the busiest weeks for a minister. I concur and would add for a minister’s family as well.  Anyway, back to this post. Today as I was thinking about what to write. It struck me that I was missing the point of Easter.

The point is that Christ his risen. He did what he said he  would do.   Because he has risen through faith we can have the hope and promise of life eternal.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 1 Peter 1:3 ESV

Because He Lives by Matt Maher

TDZ Retrospective: Laundry, Dishes and Faith

From August 5, 2012

Household chores are a challenge for me. It seems that there is a constant battle to maintain a somewhat clean home.  I do try to keep things clean and my house is actually fairly organized. (No clean and organized are not synonyms.) Between, work, life and having ADHD it is just hard. Actually my struggles with maintaining a clean home are normal for adult women with ADHD.  I have discovered several things that help me keep things under control. If I can stay on-top of the laundry and dishes life is good.

Ever noticed if you leave one towel or the floor or even one sock somehow a pile of clothes appears out of nowhere. It is as if the clothes jump out of the closet while I’m at work each day. It seemed like that no matter how hard I tried we always had a pile of laundry to wash. Or even worse a pile of clean clothes that never got put up. It always seemed we ran out of clean clothes at the absolute worse time. So there was a constant struggle to do just enough to get by because I never had time to catch up. Dishes were another source of turmoil. I would try to cook healthy meals but never have the time or energy to clean the kitchen after dinner. After a long day of work, fixing dinner and of course trying to squeeze in some laundry I just couldn’t face the kitchen. Then the sink would seem to take over my whole kitchen. Just walking into the room and seeing the mess would zap all energy out of me. I felt defeated before I could even start.  Two baby-steps I learned from The FlyLady were to have a shiny sink every night before you go to bed and system for doing laundry: one load in the morning, swap in middle of the day and one load at night.  Usually I just do a load when I come home in the evening and maybe one before going to bed. When I do those two simple things life and my house is easier to manage.  Another thing I learned from the FlyLady is to have daily routines that “automate” the house and ones life. By sticking with simple routines like picking out clothes for the next day and packing lunches at night life is much easier. While my mornings still start why too early it is less hectic.

So you may be wondering what faith has to do with dishes and laundry. Well the Christian life has routines or  disciplines that make things less chaotic as well. Routines like prayer, Bible Study, worship, service and just some alone time with God.  These are the building blocks that help be stay connected with my faith. When I neglect these routines my life begins to become cluttered with junk.

  105 Your word is a lamp for my feet,    a light on my path. (Psalm 119:105, New International Version)

TDZ Retrospective: Lessons I Learned from my Grandma.

Origanally posted Jan 6, 2008 after my Grandma passed away. I am blessed to have had 4 grandparents who took time to teach me some of life’s most important lessons. All of my grandparents left a legacy of faith, family and love.

  1. Family is important.
  2. That I was loved. There is no doubt that Grandma loved me. She also shared God’s love with me.
  3. Respect and take care of your elders.
  4. I was expected to behave and respect my elders. Being at Grandma’s was no excuse for poor behavior.
  5. Work hard, no one owes you anything.
  6. Get an education. An education opens doors and provides opportunities. If you don’t get a formal education then get one from books.
  7. How to cook
  8. Grandma shared her love for reading, jig-saw puzzles, and cross-words puzzles.
  9. Don’t waste anything. Grandma grew up in the depression and had learned to be frugal.

When Things Don’t Make Sense

Sometimes things happen that don’t make sense or defy human understanding.  It really bugs me when life doesn’t make sense. Thankfully I don’t have to understand just trust and pray. I know easier said than done.


Theme for 2014: Back to the Basics

Well January is almost over and I haven’t even gotten around to posting this year’s them. My theme for 2014 is “Back to Basics”. It isn’t that I haven’t had a theme picked out. I’ve just been busy focusing on several basics in my life.

One of  the foundations for who I am is my faith.  This year I want to be intentional about practicing personal and corporate Bible study and worship. Sometimes I think it becomes just one more thing to check off my list so I can say that I’ve done the right things. Instead I want to take time to soak in what I’m reading, hearing or studying.

When I was thinking about the basics I began thinking about things I used to enjoy but somehow just don’t do anymore. Growing up I enjoyed reading, painting and music. Since completing my Master’s degree in 2000 I’ve probably only read maybe 50 books. I just got so tried of reading in graduate school. I used to read at least 5-10 books a month. Since January the 1st I’ve read 2 books and am working on a 3rd. Last fall I started painting again and will work that in as time. Due to life circumstances I haven’t played the guitar much since this summer that is coming back.  Need to go remember to get some more strings.

I’ve been trying to loose weight for several years. I have some success but always seem to get side tracked. I find that I can loose weight if I will do at least one of the following: make healthy eating choices, eat at home or be more active. This year we are trying the Real Food Challenge. I’ll write more about that later. So far this month I’ve had more good eating days than bad.