Originally posted on HomeschoolBenefits.org.

Children are naturally inquisitive, imaginative, and creative. Young children have no difficulty being creative. For example a young child has no problem drawing a purple horse, blue sun or pretending that a towel is a cape that gives them super powers. Unfortunately as children grow older many loose this sense of creativity. How can one foster creativity in a child?

Provide opportunities for creativity expression such as art, music, drama or even creativity writing. The type of activity depends on the personal interests of one’s child. Providing a variety of art supplies or a journal is a good starting place. Encourage attempts at creativity. The end product is not as important the process of creative expression. Give your child an opportunity to explain the project to you. For preschool children write “their words” about pictures they have drawn. This helps your child understand the relationship between written and spoken words. It also helps promote language development.

Dramatic play or “dress-up” is an excellent outlet for creative expression. Dramatic play promotes language development, problem solving and social skills. You do not need expensive or fancy costumes for dramatic play. Simply a selection of hats, masks, adult size clothes or other items when mixed with a little imagination can become almost anything.

Provide activities that encourage problem solving. Problem solving is the side of creativity with many real-life applications. Puzzles, blocks, Legos and other construction materials are great for promoting problem solving

Finally, fostering creativity is more about attitude. Create an environment where one’s child has the freedom and security for self-expression.

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