Fostering Creativity in Children

Originally posted on Children are naturally inquisitive, imaginative, and creative. Young children have no difficulty being creative. For example a young child has no problem drawing a purple horse, blue sun or pretending that a towel is a cape that gives them super powers. Unfortunately as children grow older many loose this sense of … Continue reading Fostering Creativity in Children

New Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in School Aged Children

According to a report in the December issue of Pediatrics new guidelines have been recommended for doctors treating school-aged children for food allergies. Approximately one in 25 school-aged children have food allergies. As someone who has had food allergies since childhood I am glad that this is being addressed. School can be a dangerous place … Continue reading New Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in School Aged Children

To Spank or Not?

Good Morning America featured a story about a movement in Massachusetts to ban spanking. The law is being considered today by Massachusetts lawmakers. Kathleen Wolf, a nurse, is the initiator of the proposed law. She believes that spanking is a form of domestic violence and should be banned. If passed this would make Massachusetts the … Continue reading To Spank or Not?

Tutoring for Toddlers

According to an article in the current issue of Time there is a growing trend in academic tutoring for preschool aged children. The preschoolers are being taught skills traditionally learned in kindergarten and first grade. Part of this craze may be attributed to a study recently published in Developmental Psychology citing a high corollary between … Continue reading Tutoring for Toddlers