To Spank or Not?

PaddleGood Morning America featured a story about a movement in Massachusetts to ban spanking. The law is being considered today by Massachusetts lawmakers. Kathleen Wolf, a nurse, is the initiator of the proposed law. She believes that spanking is a form of domestic violence and should be banned. If passed this would make Massachusetts the first state to pass a ban on spanking by parents. However 29 states prohibit schools from spanking children. Currently spanking is banned in 19 countries. Wolf does not believe that parents should be jailed or fined for spanking.

Growing up I had my share of spankings. I also spent a lot of time in the corner as a young child or on restrictions as a teenager. In fact I had my own corner in kindergarten and I am probably still grounded. The practice of putting a child in the corner has been criticized in recent years. It seems that is demeaning to make a child face the wall. There are some “experts” that seem to believe it is best to only use reason with children and that some how disciplining a child is disrespectful. Children are not adults. Someone has to be in charge and in a family, parents are given that responsibility. Have you ever tired to reason with a three year old or for that matter a 13-year-old? It does not always work. Children do not naturally grow up wanting to follow the rules or understanding why rules must be followed. They take what they want and often naturally selfish. Children must be taught many things including how to behave and that there are consequences for one’s actions. I suffered no apparent long term negative effects. I did learn to follow the rules, respect my elders and that my actions have consequences. My parents spent a lot of time teaching me many things including how to behave. They did not just smack me or send me to my room; they explained the purpose for rules. They also used rewards as well.

So what do you think should spanking be banned? Be sure to leave a comment.

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  1. Working as court reporter in New York, I was unfortunate enough to hear the constant stream of stupidity coming out of the New York City Department of Ed hearings. According to them, not only is sitting a child in a corner considered “corporal punishment” and disallowed, but even making the children write lines on the black board is considered “cruel and unusual.”

    We’re turning our kids into wimps! And worse than that, into disobedient wimps. They get on teachers for being unable to keep order in their classrooms, but they then remove their tools for doing so.

    As for parents, I answered this question in my own blog, but it bears repeating: the government needs to stay out of peoples’ homes, and out of their parenting decisions. There is no evidence whatsoever of a negative impact associated with spanking a child. The difference between people who choose to spank and those who choose not to is philosophical at best; and that is certainly not something on which a government ought to rule.

  2. As a teacher, I have taught in settings were we really had no form of effective punishment. I had one principal who was more concerned with public relations that class discipline. Of course I also taught in a school where the adminstrator supported the students. It made a big difference. DH

  3. Although my kids thought sometimes they were spanked too hard, they never said it was no good. What we need is to “spank” the hands, and perhaps heads, of those trying to legislate parental privileges out of existence.

  4. Children who are not disciplined grow up to be adolescents and adults who have no respect for themselves, their parents, their school, the law, and God. This is a major cause of our increasing jail and prison population.

    Public schools are REQUIRED to provide an appropriate educational setting for all handicapped students. For decades I dealt with parents who yielded to pressures produced by uncivilized/ undisciplined teens. Schools usually attempt to negotiate solutions with parents–but when the law is broken and students are arrested for their misdeeds, the sheriff/police deal strictly/harshly with the offenders.

    Is a spanking more humiliating than being in jail? I think not!

    It is the God-appointed responsibility of parents to discipline their children. Discipline should include a wide array of procedures–not just spanking.

  5. I do not think that law will pass. It’s the kind of wacko high profile legislation that (even in Massachusetts) can get incumbents voted out of office. TLT

  6. HELL NO!!! Spare the rod, spoil the child! My parent’s spanked me and a lot of my friend’s parents did the same for them and we have a lot of respect for them today. That’s why there’s so many obnoxious beligerent little children running around today! We all wonder why so many kids now days are so disrespectful, granted discipline should be done in a healthy manner so not to cross the line into abuse. The parents who try to reason with their children as the primary mean of disciplining and don’t believe in spanking need to get a pair and probably shouldn’t have children in the first place. There are too many irresponsible people having children that should probably never reproduce in the first place.

  7. Just wanted to drop you a line to say, I enjoy reading your site. I thought about starting a blog myself but don’t have the time.
    Oh well maybe one day…. 🙂

  8. It all comes down to some people being abused as children or watching abuse and then decided that everything is abuse. It is all or none with some people. Let’s face it…you can’t reason with a child. There have been studies showing that their brains just don’t comprehend it. I just had a total meltdown with my son today and trust me, I could not reason with him to save my life and all we wanted him to do was put on dry shoes.

    There are already laws against child abuse, you don’t need more.

    • There has to be a balance. Of course, reason and logic should be used when and if possible but 4 yr old reason is quite different from adult. Sometimes children must be directed to make the correct choices rather than allowed to choose what feels right.

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