How to Protect Your Child From Cyber-Bullying

Originally written for the Homeschool Network. Bullying has long been a problem that has plagued children. A cyber-bully is very different from a playground bully, in fact it can be even worse than the playground bully. Teens often are afraid to tell their parents about bullying incidents because they believe they will loose internet privileges. … Continue reading How to Protect Your Child From Cyber-Bullying

Update on Jill & Gary Campbell

Jill & Gary Campbell are British school teachers who exposed a child abuse scandal at an orphanage run by Terre Des Hommes, a Swedish charity. As I reported in an earlier post. Jill Campbell was facing jail time for defamation. She accused the charity of trying to cover-up the scandal. Due to lack of sufficient … Continue reading Update on Jill & Gary Campbell

To Spank or Not?

Good Morning America featured a story about a movement in Massachusetts to ban spanking. The law is being considered today by Massachusetts lawmakers. Kathleen Wolf, a nurse, is the initiator of the proposed law. She believes that spanking is a form of domestic violence and should be banned. If passed this would make Massachusetts the … Continue reading To Spank or Not?