jillcampbell.jpgJill & Gary Campbell are British school teachers who exposed a child abuse scandal at an orphanage run by Terre Des Hommes, a Swedish charity. As I reported in an earlier post. Jill Campbell was facing jail time for defamation. She accused the charity of trying to cover-up the scandal. Due to lack of sufficient evidence the courts had ruled she was guilty of defaming the charity. Yesterday, the charges where dropped because the Terre Des Hommes backed down. You can read the BBC coverage of the case here.

4 thoughts on “Update on Jill & Gary Campbell

  1. Editor’s Note: Edited due to non-family friendly content & violation of comment policy.
    institution and people who are supposed to be protection children are the worst for this here is a copy of my blog
    is when your own family turns their back on you because you speak out against this kind of abuse and they are still too busy being controlled by him and the fear he has enstilled in this family for the last who knows how many years [edited]


  2. Tlafront,

    It sounds like you have are in a difficult situation.

    However, the comment section of my blog is not the place to repost your own blog. You may link to it if you wish. Also, please refrain from the use of profainity. For more on comments please refer to my comment policy.


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